Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is Acupuncture? 

 Acupuncture is the painless insertion of fine needles into specific areas of the body called Acupoints. When these points are activated there is a harmonisation in the flow of energy / function in the body and results in a feeling of wellness and balance.



2.   Are Chinese Herbs safe ?   

 Yes Chinese Herbs are totally safe in the hands of a qualified practitioner like myself. I have studied for over 10 years with Prof Shulan Tang who is world renowned in the field of Chinese Herbs. They offer a safe, gentler and more effective solution to chronic and acute ill health compared to drugs.

Acup and Chinese Herbs work by harnessing your bodies innate ability to heal itself and promote homeostasis. Practitioners use the theory of energy flow through distinct pathways called Meridians which of course has now been scientifically proven. By diagnosing the pattern of energy imbalance a practitioner can then formulate a treatment which is always unique to each patient.


A session will last one hour and the number of treatments needed depends on the illness. Acute ( just occured ) conditions require only one or two treatments whereas chronic longterm illness may require between 5 and 10 sessions.for a complete cure.


3. How does it work ? 
4.   How long does a treatment session last and How many will I need ? 

5.  how will I feel afterwards ? 

   Most people experiance a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation after an acupuncture treatment and are advised to avoid caffeine and to drink plenty water afterwards as this promotes the sense of calm and helps the body in its recovery.


6  Can I drive afterwards ?   

Yes by all means , however really poorly people would be best advised to have a driver .


7.  How much does it cost ?   

   The cost is £ 40   per session which includes the consultation , the acupuncture treatment and  Naturopathic advice on diet, supplements , exersise and mindfulness techniques . Any herbal medicines that are needed incur an additional cost but are optional and often not required .