About Dee

Dee Mallon with Chinese medicine
What we do:
Chinese herbs
Tui Na massage
Chi Kung


Certificate of attendance and completin from Beijing Hospital China
About Dee:
I have 30 years’ experience in the field of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
After gaining a BSc Honours Degree in Zoology I travelled to Australia and studied TCM at Melbourne University where I gained a Diploma In Chinese Medicine and became a member of AESO (Acupuncture, Ethics, Standards Organisation). I was also awarded a PHD in Biochemistry for Research work I undertook there. After qualifying I was offered a lectureship there but chose instead to work in Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing where I specialized in Paediatrics, Neurology and Tui Na (Chinese Physiotherapy)
In the last decade I have also qualified in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chi Kung (Energy Work) and was lucky enough to study with Professor Shulan Tang who is a world renowned herbalist.
I am now settled in Pembrokeshire and have established a practice in the old Doctors Clinic in Roch Community Hall.